Here at Maidmans Marquee Hire, we are always delighted when we are chosen to be involved in an event. Whether its a party, wedding or other celebration, we love setting up the perfect marquee venue

But why choose us? We have some reasons for you to consider…

  1. Maidmans Marquee Hire is a professional company. We work under strict Health and Safety Guidelines and we provide training all our employees to ensure they work to our exacting standards. We are fully insured and we never take chances with the weather – our marquees are always very well secured!
  2. We own all our own marquees and vehicles, unlike some marquee companies who hire in marquees as and when required. Our marquees are kept in tip top condition and insepcted after every use.
  3. Our attention to detail is second to none! We take our time to ensure that your marquee will look as good as we can get it – we won’t run off to the next job half way through an installation!
  4. Every year, we have people call us who have been let down at the last minute by marquee companies. We are proud to say that we have never had the situation where we have not fulfilled a booking and we only take work on that we know we have the equipment and resource to fulfill. No double bookings with us!

If you need further reassurance, we can arrange for you to speak to one of our previous customers, so they can tell you in person how we operate.

Contact us now if you are planning a marquee event – 01202 823755,