When hiring a garden marquee, we will always conduct a site visit to check firstly that the marquee will fit, to look at the access to the garden and to make sure there are no particular challenges that might cause us a problem on the day.

Here are our top tips for preparing to have a marquee installed in your garden…

  1. Please mow the lawn 3 – 4 days before the marquee is installed.  If your mower doesn’t collect the grass cuttings, it may be an idea to rake the grass and clear as much as you can as if there is freshly cut grass on the lawn, the marquee walls and roofs will end up covered in grass cuttings!
  2. Make sure the access into your garden is as clear as possible. Our equipment is very heavy and we can’t always see ahead of ourselves when carrying bulky items. We are first aid trained but would prefer not to use our skills!
  3. Please, please, please clear up dog mess from the lawn. We do love dogs and we are very happy to meet them and make a fuss of them but nobody wants their mess trodden into the marquee…
  4. Clear any low hanging branches that might be in the way of the marquee. We will usually advise at the site visit if there’s anything particular that will need removing but if its a while since we saw the garden, trees and shrubs may have grown!
  5. We always try and be as careful as we possibly can but if your lawn is your pride and joy, please let us know in advance. We can provide mats to go on the grass outside the marquee or lay a path made from our hard, all-weather flooring, and we can add these to your order

If you have any questions about installation day, please give us a call and we can chat through – 01202 823755. More information is available on our FAQ’s page