Marquee – a blank canvas for your wedding!

You have total control over the size of the venue, the styling,  layout,  furniture and fittings, food, drinks and entertainment.

So, whether you have in mind a festival style wedding, a glam and glitzy style day, a low key relaxed party or a much more traditional wedding breakfast, a marquee offers the ultimate flexibility.

There are a few things to consider…

    To enable us to accurately size your marquee, we need to know the number of guests that are likely to be coming to the daytime event as well as those joining you for the evening. This means that you really need to start by considering your ideal guest list. As plans become clearer and depending on your budget, this list may need to be cut down or even expanded!
    Even after booking your marquee, we completely understand that numbers may change and we are happy to be as flexible as possible (subject to availability) right up to a few weeks before the wedding.
    So, you know how many people you would like to invite but how much do you have in the wedding pot? Its always a tricky subject  – how much do we need to spend vs how much do we have to spend?
    We are happy to provide an outline quote and then fine tune it as we go through the decision process. If it takes 5 or 10 different versions of the quote, it’s not a problem!
    More often than not, we can help you work to a specific budget so do let us know what you have to spend. By making relatively small changes to the wedding marquee package – for instance by choosing slightly cheaper chairs or opting for chandeliers to light your marquee rather than more expensive lighting solutions – we can help you save money.
    Marquees can be sited pretty much anywhere but ideally the ground should be reasonably level and flat (not too many craters or large rabbit holes!). If it is a field, it will need to be clear of animal ‘deposits’ – you will need to walk around in a beautiful wedding dress…
    Access to the site is important, not only when the marquee is being constructed but also for the other wedding suppliers and of course the guests! Parking should also be considered.
    Whilst we can supply portable toilets and generators should they be needed, if the venue already offers toilets and power, it will obviously be cheaper for you.
    In a garden setting, space is often the biggest issue. Our clearspan (frame) marquees don’t have guy ropes so we dont need to allow for them, but do need a little space around the marquee to enable us to contruct and secure the structure.
    We will always conduct a site visit before we accept a booking. At this visit, we will measure up, check for any potential challenges and of course, chat through all the options available to you and offer advice.
    What sort of wedding do you have in mind? Are you wanting a particular theme or colour, do you know what type of food you are wanting to serve and how will you provide drinks?
    If you are inviting a number of elderly or very young guests, you will need to consider how they can be accommodated. For instance if you are planning a festival type wedding, just think about how an elderly relative will feel about sitting on a hay bale or a rustic style bench for a few hours…
    We see so many different types and styles of weddings and they all have their own unique charm. If you have an idea of what you would like to achieve, we can work with you to help make sure that the marquee, furniture and equipment all help bring your vision to life.

So, where to start? Just get in touch via our online enquiry form, by emailing or calling us on 01202 823755. We look forward to working with you to create your perfect wedding venue!

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