We like to go go a step further with our customer service and we are now offering a Marquee Management option

Our marquee event customers now have the option of hiring one of our experienced team to be on hand for part of the event, or for the duration, to look after the marquee and any associated equipment that we have supplied. We can open up and close the marquee, sort out lighting and sound equipment, re-fuel generators and heaters, set out and pack away furniture etc to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Whether its  a marquee wedding, party, community or company event, we now offer peace of mind that the marquee is in safe hands and should there be any hitches with the marquee venue, we will be onsite to sort it out quickly.

Sometimes its as simple as having someone who can keep a close eye on everything – clear away chairs, or roll up windows and tie back entrances when it warms up (and close everything back up when it gets colder!) and secure the marquee when everyone else has left.

If you would like to know more or get a quote for this service, please get in touch.